Tracking a FedEx Package - The Melody Way

105053-942062-thumbnail.jpgAccording to the FedEx website, which has provided some handy tracking tools, The Package Of Current Greatest Interest To Me departed Portland, OR on July 25 at 8:11pm. And then for Way Too Long, nothing. It could have been circling the state, for all I know.

But as of this morning, I've learned that not only has the package arrived at their FedEx location in Nashville, TN, it departed same location at 3:39am, on July 28. That's just 6 hours ago, eh?

Well, because Google and The Internet As We Now Know It is so useful for such tasks, I've gone online and stolen myself a map of our country from the news website on a page that mentions Campaign 2004 and tells us all about the Republican National Convention delegates, and I've now added a few pertinent additions for My Own Use And Enjoyment. Specifically numbers that reflect the trail of the Really And Truly Longed-For Package.

Any Math Folks in the house? I realize even if I could sit down and work out a formula to plot the trail of my package and do some sort of projection of when it might arrive (and I actually could...I, who quite much don't love numbers, have the skill to actually plot such a projection,) it wouldn't be accurate. Because we don't have all the details. Like how many stops they'll be making between there and here. And how many curvy roads they'll be rounding. And how many animals might be in the road along the trail.

But it's starting to look possible that the package could arrive by Monday instead of Tuesday. I think. (Why this matters is somewhat explained here.)

Breathing. Now. I. Am.