Saturday morning recap

It's Saturday, ya'll! Sat Ur AY. Which is why I was more than a little annoyed when I woke up, for no apparent reason, at 7:44. Shouldn't sleep last just a bit longer on a weekend morning? Ya. I think that's a rule somewhere...written down.

Never mind the rules. Once I was awake, there was nothing for me to do but get up and start my day. I put on a pot of coffee, then checked email, then responded to a short note with a really long email. (Yea, like that surprises you.) And now I'm shamefully eating a breakfast item that rhymes with Macon.

The highlights from this week included:

  • Talking on the phone to a friend with whom I lost touch for a LOT of years. And getting to hear all about her pregnancy which is about to be over, very soon. She'll have her own Little Pie.
  • Telling everybody that I have a crush on Bobby Deen, which led to my getting to answer questions to a couple of people along the lines of a) Um, well, it MIGHT be too much information but seeing as how it's MY blog, where else am I gonna' share TMI, and b) It's not a REAL crush. I mean, for all I know the man doesn't actually exist. It's not like anybody I know has actually ever seen him. And it's not like he's cooking for me, and it's not like his Mama is calling ME baby and it's not like I'm in that car between Jamie and him, headed off to parts unknown, in search of The Best I've Ever Tasted of Anything. So if you have a pretend crush on a made up guy, where's the harm in that?
  • Handing out a lot of Free Stuff at a new student orientation at the college where I work. Including lukewarm water when we ran out of ice. Oops. 'Least it was wet.
  • Getting to help film some stuff on location - in several different locations - and make up campy jokes with the rest of the crew. And continue learning how to use our office's new digital camera. But I can't tell you any more than that 'cause it's for work and it's a surprise and that's all you need to know anyway.
  • Had Shrimp & Grits for lunch with a friend. They were very VERY yummy.
  • Went to part 1 of a 2 part workshop to learn Adobe InDesign and realized I probably should have just saved myself and everybody else the trouble and gotten a degree in Graphic Design. It was a very, very cool class. My head almost exploded when I tried to fit too much information inside it, but I'm still going back for part 2. The only time I got really stressed was when the instructor suggested we practice what we've learned this week and I remembered I have to do a lot of stuff to finish getting ready for my show this week and also the program which has been ordered, hasn't yet come in, so even if there were an opportunity to try and play around with it, I don't know that I'll be able to do so anyway. So I probably won't get to practice before going back. That's all I'm really saying.
Now if I can locate my Beading Mo Jo, I'm gonna' make something purty. And later I'm hanging out with a very tiny person for a few hours. MISS THAT BABY. It's been a whole week!