Quotes from Men in Trees

Starting from the beginning, I've been watching the occasional episode of Men in Trees I haven't seen yet, while it's between regular seasons. The show is set in a small Alaskan town called 'Elmo." Entertaining quotes from recent epis:

  • Re: the surprised facial expression in response to hearing the closest florist is 3 towns away-
    "Who would we send flowers to? In case you haven't noticed, we're a town of... dudes!"

  • Re: "getting back out there" after a breakup-
    "So... taking the guy's advice?"
    "Just stretching my single girl legs."
    "Shaving them too, I see!"

  • "You have no idea the power you have. If you told her to jump off a bridge, she would... if there was a bridge in Elmo."

  • Re: learning the idenity of his father after 26 years, with "He was my best friend! We were drunk!"
    "You loan a friend your DVD, not your...your sex!!!"