Denial in black & white; serious countdown mode

105053-941421-thumbnail.jpgAnyone following this blog lately might think I've forgotten that I have an opening next Thursday night, for which I'd mentioned there's still quite a bit of work remaining in order to be prepared. And that I watch too much TV. Recent blog posts here seem to indicate that, as well.

Well, actually you might be more accurate if you just decided I've been in denial. And so in spite of the rapidly changing calendar, I keep not making as much progress as I'd hoped. Add to that the fact that even though I own roughly four billion beads already, I mentally designed some new necklaces for which I don't have the supplies to complete. Which led me to order those supplies on Tuesday. Of this last week. From Oregon. Taking a gamble with FedEx, I chose the ground option. Which means my supplies could have arrived on Wednesday. Or not. As of this writing they're not here. Which means I continue to work with what I have, which is perfectly reasonable and acceptable. The tracking on their website suggests I shouldn't hold my breath. One, two, three...breathe in. One, two, three...breathe out. And again...

The image you see here was scanned a few minutes ago. I'm deciding how I feel about this piece, so I figured I might as well take its picture (to help with the "commitment factor" instead of taking it apart and starting over,) but after I'd cropped it down and enhanced the contrast, I see that a) parts of it are blurry and b) it seems to have rendered in black and white. Although the beads I've used are mostly gray and hematite, there's also a smidge of navy and purple in there. Nope. Not seeing that Never mind; you can still get a sense of where I was going with this one.

So tonight while you're out on a hot date, or having a cocktail with friends, or watching the opening to the movie you've been waiting to hit the theaters (does anybody else think No Reservations looks like a nice feel-good movie?) I'll be hammering wire and stringing beads. Which is actually cool...I've finally reclaimed my groove and have been rather enjoying the process again today. I was worried - after sitting through a very intense workshop today, I was afraid I might come home and just go to sleep immediately, not unlike I did after work last night. Alas, I'm about to start my third necklace of the evening. Baby's on a roll. Wish me luck!