My life in a necklace factory

105053-932769-thumbnail.jpgStill drinking my first cup of coffee, Pandora is offering up some excellent tunes (and if I tire of that, Cindi sent links to some good podcasts she recommends,) and I'm about to work on a delightful purple & lavander design. The glaze on this particular pendant turned out just the way I dreamed of and the sterling wire has already been attached. Colors sometimes render inaccurately online, but the piece you see in the bottom photo, second row down on the right, is a sister to the one I'm working with. Same glaze application. I took that photo last week with a camera I don't have access to today so the camera phone can only give you a suggestion of the progress I have to show for this weekend's creativity...referring to the top photo, of course. It'll do, though. I've decided to add the clasps to most of these later on. Looking at them this morning, I'm choosing to put the roadblocks and hurdles out of my mind when I get started...and approach the next phase with fresh eyes.

105053-932772-thumbnail.jpgBut I'll tell you about those roadblocks and hurdles now! (Perhaps as a way to make myself feel better that I don't have more progress to show you, as I'd hoped? Likely, yes.) More than one of these necklaces were created at least 3 times. I'd string beads for ages and ages, then pick it up and decide I simply hated everything about the piece. At which time I'd remove each bead and put it back in its little bowl with its friend and, once done, start the whole business over again. There's no predicting whether a workflow, design groove will come when I sit down to work, or not. Even choosing the right beads to accompany a pendant can be utter chaos.

Let's just say today's gonna' be different. I've got hours stretching out in front of me, and am keen to see how much progress can be had if I do get into the perfect groove. Wish me well!