A Very Pie Saturday - (episode Pick a High Number)

105053-930605-thumbnail.jpgWhat kind of overindulgent aunt would I be if I didn't give you some highlights from my time with Mr. Pie today? I mean, it's been what? 4 days, already? Clearly I've been remiss.

These days one of my favorite things about spending Saturday afternoons with my nephew is noticing how every few days he's picked up a new skill. Or interest. Today the latest trick was, after coercing me to pick him up and carry him over to the dish drainer so he could pick out a green sippy cup 105053-930608-thumbnail.jpgwithout a top, putting this cup up to his mouth and making noises into it. Then he'd pull it back and look at me, laughing, with a look on his face that seemed to indicate, "Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever seen in your whole entire life? Ever???" Then he'd do it again, or hold the cup to my mouth so I could make a sound for him. Then he'd laugh and laugh and quick put it back to his mouth and commence with the echo-creating-calls. It went on for ages. As is evidenced by how long he actually carried the cup around with him.

105053-930610-thumbnail.jpgThe other completely adorable thing he did throughout the day - no doubt indicative of the fact that the ringing phone that ended his nap should have waited a while longer - was to go up to anything soft, like a pillow, sofa cushion, folded blanket - and spread his arms wide and lay his head down, as if to feign sleep. Then he'd sit up, throw his head back and laugh uproariously. As if he'd just psyched me out and made me think he was actually interested in sleeping when he could be running through the house, touching everything his eyes settled on, then throwing it in the floor before moving on to more interesting quests.

He also really, reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to go outside. Every time he walked by a window. Fortunately I kept taking him. Not as often as he wanted, but still, we spent quite a bit 105053-930619-thumbnail.jpgof time in the happy sunshine.

Oh! Here's another very cute thing. Which will convince any stragglers of his complete and utter genius. We were sitting on his bed playing some tickle game or other, (generally speaking it doesn't take either one of us much effort to get the other to completely crack up,) when he touched his face and said something that sounded minimally like "nose." So I, being aware of how important it is to jump on every opportunity for learning important facts such as the location of our body parts, pointed to my nose, and said the word back to him. "Nose!" He giggled, pointed to his nose, then slid off his bed. Running from the room, he seemed to have a very solid destination in mind, so I followed him, keen to know where he was going. He reached the living room, stretched his hand up onto the table by the sofa where I'd left my phone, (how he remembered where it was is a complete mystery as I didn't even know where it was at that moment,) picked it up, opened it, and handed it to me. Which clearly meant, "Call Grandma." Because we always do call my parents and my mom is The World's Best At Taking Every Opportunity To Tell This Child Where His Nose Is. And his eyes, mouth, ears, and etc. I do believe that my pointing out this particular sensory organ triggered a memory of his Grandma and he wanted to hear her voice again! Clearly. Now tell me he's not brilliant!

You may now feel free to return to your other riveting activities and I shall go work on some new necklace designs. Cheers! And Happy Weekend Wishes!