Supermarket chatter; further proof of my stunning brilliance

This is what nearby shoppers might have overheard in the produce department earlier this evening:

Me: "Oh my gosh! Did you hear that?!"105053-896455-thumbnail.jpg
Sis: "What?"
Me: "He said 'nana!'"
Sis: "Yea. That's a word he knows..."
Me: "But he said it all by out of the blue! Twice!"
Sis: "How is that totally out of the blue? You're holding a bunch of bananas in front of his face."
Me: "... So I am!"

And he continued to thrill and delight throughout the remainder of the shopping expedition, not only us, but also the other shoppers passing by. For which he was rewarded by being given his very own, first pair of sunglasses. Which look quite spiffing with his new, little boy haircut...wouldn't you say?