Lotta' pendant happiness - in spite of near selection fiasco

105053-925291-thumbnail.jpgWhen Marcy unloaded the kiln that had been loaded with both our work, she called to tell me about it. My friend knows me well. And she knows what I'm going for when I create a series of pendants. This is why she knew I needed a head's up that my pendants were really cool...but that they were also really, really dark. I'd forgotten that "chocolate clay" can suck all that glaze inside it. Did I make accommodations for this challenge? Nope - not a single one. My last several clay making experiences have been exclusively with porcelain. Don't ask me why I opted to work solely in dark clay for something that matters this much to me. I love the clay - what can I say?! And so while I got some seriously wonderful textures and contrast, there wasn't nearly the range I like to have.

By the time I arrived at Marcy's to see what I had to work with, I'd called the office to see about reworking my schedule. Flexibility was an option this week, and so I decided to create an entire new series using porcelain clay this time. These new pieces would have similar forms as the dark pieces, but if things worked out the way I imagined, I'd have a much more broad selection of color ranges from which to choose for my finished necklace designs. But the biggest challenge would be that I needed to design the pieces, dry them in the sun, glaze them the same day - skipping the bisque firing - and fire that evening.

Guess what? My gamble worked. Not to mention all those hours of unadulterated, hard work.  

I now have more than 100 completely unique pendants, each stamped with my logo, from which to choose as I create a series of artisan necklaces that reflect my current design groove. This photo shows you a bit of the range, although the camera phone shot doesn't do them justice. As always, I'll let you know how it turns out!

Meanwhile, props and mounds of gratitude to Marcy. LOVE working with her and how cool is it that her firing schedule and my needs meshed without a hitch? Oh yea...