Having a little designer's tantrum over here

105053-926862-thumbnail.jpgThe word "distraught" might be a little excessive. Yea, I wouldn't use that one. Not exactly that. Highly, mightily, really, truly, quite disappointed? Yea, that would be more accurate than "distraught."

On the way home from the office earlier, I decided to stop off and buy some new beads for a few of the designs I'm working on. I order a good percentage of my supplies online, but even fast turn-around and spectacular customer service doesn't take the place of instant gratification. Nor does it take the place of being able to hold a strand of beads up beside an actual pendant and see how the colors complement each other. So I wanted that matching option and that immediate gratification.

And then? Just as I was getting really excited over some new finds? Some new, gorgeous beads I've never seen before that matched a couple of my brand new pendants exactly? I dropped the one that just might have been my current favorite. It broke. As in: the pendant in the photograph on this page that's so pretty and interesting and highly unique from anything I've ever made before? It's now in two pieces. Two pieces that render it impossible to be a featured, focal point in one of my new necklaces. I lack the writing skill to convey to you just how it felt to look down on the floor and see that it was no longer shaped the way it had been when it was in my hand.

I guess the up-side, now that I've stewed and griped about it for a couple of hours, and now vented to lucky you (thanks - it really has helped - truly) ... maybe I can one day glue it back together and design a cool necklace that I can keep for myself. I mean, it didn't shatter into a million pieces. Unless there were a few shards I overlooked where it fractured, it's truly in two pieces. So in the end, I'll probably be pleased if I get to actually keep it for myself instead of putting it in my inventory. But I gotta' tell you - it's been a long, long time since I've felt that kind of disappointment over a piece of clay.

There. Now it's time to get over it and make something already. Hope your evening is as productive as I'm planning for my own to be!