Some days you just have to be the adult

I don't want to be a grown-up today. Just don't wanna. It hit me first thing when I woke up that I'm just very, very tired. All good things brought me here, of course - I'm gainfully employed, get to spend a huge percentage of my time pursuing creative endeavors, am surrounded by people who - for the most part - enjoy my company (or gently tolerate it, and are good at covering up their anxiousness to leave,) and have a continual stream of interesting things to look forward to.

It's not even about those muscles that are still sore from horseback riding. (A discovery that surprises me, as did the bruise I found a couple of days ago on my side.) It's actual tiredness - in my bones.

Never mind. Today's plans include:

  • going to a senior center (I should be in the car right now,) to teach a beading workshop to "my ladies,"
  • coming home for lunch and a quick change of clothes - unless I just wimp out and wear what I have on now,
  • going to the office where I think I'll be working on a couple of articles I should have finished writing by now, for an upcoming newsletter publication, although when I get there I might find the agenda's changed,
  • heading over to Marcy's from there, to pick up the second group of pendants that are about to finish firing (!!!!!!!! Can't wait to show you what's coming out of the kiln!)
  • back here for a bite to eat, before
  • maybe going to another meeting which may not happen, we'll see...
So let's just suck it up and get on with it already, shall we?