Texture, color, contrast AND immediacy? Oh yea...

Recently I found myself in a conversation that took me back to the angst in college photography classes when we were mortified by the then-more-and-more-frequent assertion that one day soonish, our darkroom work would be a thing of the past. I couldn't imagine. When and where would you have an activity capable of rendering images as powerful, detailed, striking and important as those we pored over for hours and hours on end?

reddoorscreenshot.jpgWhen and where is now, and as we discussed those "long ago days" this week in the office, as I pored through the manual of my department's new digital camera, intent on making sure I get a handle on all the offerings it provides, I marveled at the objections of the me of then. Instant Gratification Girl loves her some digital photography these days.

She also loves how At My Fingertips four gajillion photos taken by people I don't know are - all because of the joy of the Internet and these now-taken-for-granted digital cameras.

I have a thing about doors. Especially ones with all this texture and vivid color. The stories this door could tell. Click on it to see the image as it's meant to appear. And enjoy! My thanks to the photographer, registered on Flickr as "weylud."