If today were about beads instead of clay...

105053-910389-thumbnail.jpgDo you ever wake up already deep in thought concerning the projects you're about to tackle? (As Mom says - you don't just approach weighty matters - you "tackle" them. Never was this word choice more appropriate for me than today.) That's how my morning started. My eyes flew open when I realized the flood of thoughts that had already begun with, "You have 3 weeks before this Marshall Art Gallery opening. What are you doing in bed?"

I've already made more progress than I did this weekend when I let myself get far too distracted from my goals. Good stuff. But a bit of nervous anxiousness persists. With reminders that I probably should already be designing actual necklaces. The photos here show the kinds of pieces I'd no doubt be turning out today if it were a day for using beads. Alas, I'm up to here in clay and that means there's still glazing and firing to go, and wire-work, long before the beads come into the picture.

A friend read my last post concerning my progress and gently said to me on the phone, "You know, you don't have to start from scratch with all new pendants, right? I mean, they're still all your exclusive designs. And nobody's seen them yet." Naturally she's right. But something I didn't mention before is about my logo stamp. I've struggled before to stamp the backs with my personal symbol because every time I've attempted it, the stamp altered the design on the front. The clay is so malleable and easily 105053-910397-thumbnail.jpgdamaged, that I've always given up on the project. Weeeeell babies, I'll let you in on a bit of excitement! I've finally made a stamp that's tiny enough, makes a nice, deep imprint, and if I let the clay get to a very specific state in the drying process, my new logo stamp works beautifully. Sure, it's still rough and handmade looking, but that's a bonus rather than a detriment, right? So I have it in my mind that all my new pieces for this show need to be stamped with my logo and I'm just not ready to let go of that dream. Goal. Something. And there you have it. Why I'm in more than a little frenzy this morning.

But the tunes are grand and I have yummy coffee and haven't scheduled any appointments today which means the day is mine. And maybe I'll have dinner with sis later and do laundry at her house because of a 5:40am Saturday water pipe explosion behind the washing machine over a week ago that I still haven't blogged about, and that hasn't yet been completely resolved, but then again, maybe I have enough clean clothes that I could put this off for a few days. Aaah, choices. I very much do love having them. Don't you?