Everything to love about a day with this tiny person

105053-852305-thumbnail.jpgYesterday was a "Mr. Pie day" which means I took care of him for a good portion of the day. Never a bad thing, and sometimes a very, very good thing. Yesterday was a very, very good day. Thought I'd share some of the highlights:

  • Seeing Mr. Pie, wearing his navy, seersucker, plaid shorts and navy and yellow polo shirt finished off with the navy sandals seen in in this shot.
  • Then seeing him dance every time music came on in his presence...which was a lot. You know that "I'm barely steady on my feet but there's tunes playing and I've gotta' move" kinda' dancing that means the baby just bends his knees and bobs up and down and waves his arms around...
  • Looking into the backseat of the car I was driving to see The Sultan of Cool chattering and giggling to himself while he turned the pages of a book entitled I Love You Stinky Face.
  • Looking back again, just a few minutes later, to see the same child, book still open in his hands, head laid over on his shoulder, sleeping.
  • Later, holding him in my arms as he slept, hearing the cat meow which woke the baby who promptly opened his eyes and started waving, which is what he does every time he sees a cat. Then watching him grin and reach up to kiss me right in my mouth, unsolicited, spontaneous, wet and sloppy.
Apparently I've become a woman with simple needs. Bring on more Mr. Pie days. I think I'd be a much more balanced woman with a lot less anxiety...