He's asleep in my bed...

There is a Male Person asleep in my bed. Right now. Even as you read.

A baby male person. Mr. Pie, to be more specific.

It's dark in there, and a camera phone of the quality such as the one I own does not provide an accurate picture of the 105053-893115-thumbnail.jpgadorableness that is my nephew. Nonetheless, today he's more adorable than you can imagine (he came to me this way - asleep, that is,) and for that reason I risked waking him up with the sound of the camera phone when I snuck in there to snap this shot. For you, I did this. So you could enjoy the perfection that is a sleeping baby. Not beause I want to wake him up and play with him so we can laugh at each other and kiss each other's bellies. But because this is just what you need on a Friday. Selflessly I did this for you.

Have a great Friday!