You want your contractors to be as confident in their work as he is

Except for the identifying elements, which I've changed just enough, the following is the entire body of an email sent to me yesterday by a friend. It's good to find a contractor as sure of his work, no? When I'm looking for someone to manage a task I'm unable to handle, this is exactly the kind of confidence I want to find. Not to mention the extra personal touch:

So I’m calling local sign shops to find a decal for a new piece of equipment we've just purchased at work.

A male voice answers the number for a sign shop I located. As I tell him why I’m calling, Latino music starts to play.  Then he says, “I’m on my motorcycle on the way to dinner.  Call back in an hour and half.  I can make anything you want.” 

Even if I find the decals someplace else, I’m calling him back.