Christina's Decor-ner's artisan inventory includes my jewelry

105053-887081-thumbnail.jpgThere's a new store opening up in Adams Farm, between Jamestown and Greensboro. What's unique about Christina's Decor-ner is the inventory. Everything you'll find there has been handcrafted by artisans of all kinds, and is one-of-a-kind. Which means, of course, it's a perfect place for my jewelry. Which they're now carrying.

It's been weeks since I met the owner Christina McCarthy and her husband Lou. At a yummy little coffee shop next door called The Daily Grind, we had our treats and talked about the shop - and about how the elusive opening date was looming. It boggles the mind to imagine just what goes into 105053-887083-thumbnail.jpgstarting a business of this nature. All those details! Although the primary items in the shop fall under the heading of "home decor," they're also carrying handmade cards, handbags and some jewelry. And so I was pleased they'd been willing to meet with me, since these days my creative endeavors almost exclusively revolve around jewelry. Christina had admitted in an email that led to our meeting, "I never realized so many people made jewelry." (Read: there's a lot of competition.) My response had been that while it's true, our area boasts a particularly high number of jewelry designers, most of them don't feature high fired clay pendants in their work. She'd been open to meet with me, particularly after I shared the link with her to the piece on Roy's Folks, televised earlier this year. In the end, I'd expected to leave them with only a handful of necklaces. Instead, she nearly wiped out my waning inventory that day. (You'll hear not a bit of complaining from me!)

105053-887082-thumbnail.jpgNow that I've been inside and seen the growing displays of artwork and home decor pieces, (their doors opened yesterday, even as they continue to put out more and more of the pieces like those you see in my snapshots,) I'm thrilled to have my designs counted among the selections offered in this charming shop. While there, I saw stained glass clocks, artisan quilts - framed and unframed, fine woodwork, regional pottery, and quite a lot more. Knowing the items are one-of-a-kind gives me a reason to return again and again. Even if I go shopping at Christina's Decor-ner, which you can be sure I will, and don't find precisely what I'm looking for on any given visit, the promise of a unique inventory guarantees I'll find something different next time I go! As will you; I hope you'll stop by and see all this shop has to offer, too.

For more information, visit them online.