Lost blogger & the very fine A.D.D. Friday

Today's one of those gifts. Working from home this Friday, I get to "make up" my schedule as I go. (This is different from days I work from home and have too many obligations and deadlines to comfortably fit into the allotted time.) It's likely that I'll regret not having made a to-do list. Then again, sometimes you have a honkin' pile of tasks so small that it'd take more time to write them down than to just jump in and do them. Y'know what I mean? Attention Deficit Disorder Types the world over are groaning in jealousy at my good fortune to have a day like this.

This is the aura that surrounded me a little while ago as I answered the phone, to hear my caller say, "Well I hadn't gotten a reply email and there's nothing on your blog. I was starting to get worried." I get that a lot. So here's the thing:

Today is all about cleaning up little incidental messes bred from neglect and rushing. It's about finally enjoying my own company without feeling over-tired or pressed to be somewhere or guilty that I haven't finished a deadline or project. It's about clearing my head to restucture the coming days so that they allow for fun and productive time. All while feeling I'm accomplishing much but knowing I don't have to stress about doing so.

It's also gonna' include a little "Pie Time," which is never far from the very top of my list of Things That Make My Heart Sing.

Hope your day is grand, too. Back to my happy ADD Girl Gets to Run the Day activities...