Is "in sorts" the opposite of "out of sorts"? Some tricks...

It's Monday morning, late, and most everyone I know has gone to this or that office, or class, or conference. Or vacation...some people are doing that, too. Here, things are a little less prescribed. I asked if I could change my schedule at the office; the response was, "Well that's one of the benefits of working here part-time, so you can have some schedule flexibility!" Well, yea, and answers like that.

The list of things that need to be done is quite long, of course, but I'm approaching it differently today, than in recent weeks. I'm proceeding with a core goal of accomplishing everything I need to do with pleasure...with the awareness that I chose each of these activities, and therefore, they should be enjoyed. To the fullest. As people like to say. Having spent quite some time in a state you might casually refer to as "out of sorts," I'm looking for its opposite. Would you call that being "in sorts"? Nobody ever does in my presence, but today that's my theme, nonetheless. Today, on this specific Monday, I'm working my way back to being In Sorts. Which is to say, More Like My Usual Self. Whether it's washing a load of laundry or formatting the client's waiting document or separating some beads that have gotten into a total mess, or making stamps for imprinting the next series of clay pendants I'm about to make - everything I do is going to have a certain attitude behind it.

Take a look at one of the tools I'm using for keeping my vibrations high:

105053-874542-thumbnail.jpg105053-874546-thumbnail.jpg 105053-874552-thumbnail.jpg105053-874554-thumbnail.jpg105053-874556-thumbnail.jpg




Yup, basically if I start to feel overwhelmed or less-than-enthusiastic about anything, all I have to do is look at these photos, or any one of four gajillion others you won't be surprised to know I have, and I'm rendered incapable of being in a bad mood. These were taken Saturday. He was eating peas. (And really, what more reason does a person need for being this thrilled with life, than eating one's peas?) After that we turned on some music and danced. Enthusiastically. Wildly. His dad walked in while we were dancing - home earlier than I'd expected. His remark, "Man. No wonder he loves you so much!" Can't think of a better compliment than that, from the parent of a child who's been in your care. Can you?

That was also around the time I talked on the phone with Cindi who suggested I teach Mr. Pie a few words in sign language to aid in his communication skills. (As a teacher of students with special needs, she taught her daughter to sign when she was about the age of this little guy, and it helped tremendously with their ability to understand each other, until MAE learned to say more words.) So when he walked to the counter and held up his hand for more strawberries and grunted, I repeatedly made the sign for "please." After which time he started pulling up his shirt and rubbing his tummy. Close enough.

The other tool I'm using to keep my day In Sorts will be music. Naturally. I haven't picked the selection yet, but that comes momentarily. No doubt it'll be something cheesy from the 80's or Latin or otherwise upbeat and dance-worthy. 'Cause how can you be out of sorts with dance-worthy music playing?

Hope your Monday is also an In Sorts kind of day.