Neurotic jewelry designer & another commission

105053-865365-thumbnail.jpgAfter procrastinating over a commissioned necklace design for a month, the conversation in my head went something like this:

M1: You will make that necklace for Wanda tonight.
M2: But what if she doesn't like it?
M1: So you'll make her another one!
M2: That's a waste of time. And inefficient.
M1: Not if you just carefully cut off the pendant and add a different pendant, then make hers using other beads.
M2: Sometimes pulling stunts like that ruins everything.
M1: Not always. Besides she loves your designs!
M2: Yea, but that's when she gets to pick from ones I've already made.
M1: She wouldn't have asked you to design something using that pendant if she didn't trust your judgement.
M2: People have been wrong before.

And on and on and ooooon it went. Including further evidence of neuroses so fascinating I'll spare you from having to read any more.

This is why I often say I'm not going to take any more commissions. But I always do. Since I love a good challenge, and I like to make people happy and so far it's generally worked out fine in the end 'cause...well, it's not such a big deal like I'm working with precious stones that cost a small fortune. (This piece is made largely with shell, bone, and copper beads, with accents of tiny glass Delica beads. And, of course, my own ceramic pendant. Naturally that.)

This repeat client is dear and glorious and I would totally not be offended if she looks at the necklace and says, "That's not quite what I had in mind." In fact, I especially would not be offended in this case, since one of the very specific beads she liked in another necklace that inspired a bit of the design idea is something I simply don't have easy access to. Seeing as how I only bought a handful of them the day Rachel and Jeanean and I took the ferry from Seattle to Bambridge Island and stopped off at the bead store which contributed to our almost missing the ferry back, later on, and I can't be expected to go back to Seattle to find another handful of that very specific bead, now can I? Not that it's a rare and unusual bead or anything, I just haven't found any locally, that's all.

After working steadily for some time now - time that included my starting over 3 times - I've just remembered that I do actually have her phone number and I do actually have the capability of sending her an image of the not-yet-finished necklace right this minute. Then if she says "Uh, not so much," I can just take it apart and do something else with it. Or buy some different beads. Or start over again with the voices in my head until they come up with a different solution. Although frankly the prospect is fairly tiresome even at this stage in my merely-imagined progress.

Okay, never mind. No more worries tonight- she likes it! (As does her little girl, which means it's totally gonna' be fine, if both of 'em say so!) Now I'll post this entry (which I started while my scanner was getting this sad, horrid quality, rush-job, lame excuse for a "photo" and let you see the necklace as I showed her, then I'll finish it up by putting that clasp on. So it can be hers as soon as tomorrow. Then I can move along and get more, other kinds of work done. Since I am, as they say, kickin' butt and takin' names with a serious to-do list today.

105053-865376-thumbnail.jpgPS: in looking back at what I wrote about the ferry ride the day I bought the beads Wanda's necklace can't have, I'm completely surprised that I just passed over that day as if it was no big deal. We had such an amazing time, and I took so many glorious photos and we saw such delightful sights and I never did post the photo gallery yet, either. Hm. How lame would it be if now that my life is decidedly not filled with travel and ferry rides, I went back and blogged about more fun times in Seattle I never finished telling you about? Times that happened over a year ago? I'm thinking actually that would be quite lame, but don't think I won't consider it...especially on a day when I'm not particularly inspired to write much of anything else! Until that Maybe Maybe Not date, here's one fun shot that always makes me smile.