Summer tradition; along for the ride

When regular readers last checked in, your blogger was bravely declaring herself better and about to get all kinds of work done. Ha. HA. By the time I'd finished writing that piece, I was nearly wiped out and realized what I'd just experienced was a minor blip on the idea of recovery...  So I promptly returned to my regularly scheduled post on the sofa where I pretty much stayed put for the next two days. Perhaps I should have resisted the urge to blog my optimism so effusively.

This morning I woke up with the same, familiar headache, but a slightly less stuffy head, and less sneezing and such, so decided maybe I could make an appearance at The Fifth Birthday Party Of The Princess (and of her dad, who clocks in at about my age every year when they share their birthday.) It's tradition and since sis and her hubby are also friend of The Princess and The Family of Her Highness, I could just hook up with Mr. Pie's parents and ride along...not much effort on my part, right?

And that's exactly what I did. The main difference this year is that there were way more kids in the pool. And out of the pool, too. There were also friends from years past with their own kids, which makes the whole thing a little surreal when I think back to festivities with these people who probably couldn't even have imagined themselves with children back then. 

Arriving after the party was in full swing, I greeted a string of "regulars" at this event, and then came upon a friend I haven't seen in quite a few years. The Former Roommate of The Mom of The Princess. Not sure why I felt compelled to explain myself as I walked up carrying Mr. Pie, but I did:

Me: This isn't my kid. He belongs to my sister.

Former Roommate: I know. I read your blog every day.

Me: Are you serious?

FR: Of course! It's the third one I read. Threw me for a loop when you took it down for a while.

Me: Wow. So you already know about Mr. Pie.

FR: Yup! I've watched him grow up on your blog. 

I feel fairly confident nobody else at the party reads my blog...certainly not that often.

But as the party wasn't about me, or my blog, we returned to the real purpose which was to enjoy all the wild, wet, craziness of all those delighted children. (Truthfully there are as many adults at these things as children, which - for my money - is the best way to go.) I quite enjoyed my low-key participation this year. I floated from conversation to conversation, sat quietly in the sun a bit, shared the soccer ball of The Princess with Mr. Pie for a bit, oohed and aahed over this or that baby, hugged an old friend or two, and stayed as far away from the food as possible so as to ensure any lingering germies were kept to myself.

And then we left, kinda' early, sharing complete agreement that a good time was had by all. It really has turned into one of the great summer traditions in my life, and I feel all warm and cozy to have gone, even if only for less than two hours.

After which time I've been trying to figure out why I'm so exhausted. Maybe after a seriously long night's sleep tonight, I'll be feeling completely back to myself and will catch up on every bit of work I'd thought I'd have accomplished by now. Hey, it could happen...