Sounds like the perfect day

My friend, Carolyn, loaned me a book. Her loaner copy of her favorite book, to be more specific.

I'm very excited.

My bedside table is currently piled high with books you'd generally classify as "self-help" and it's been a long, long time since I've read a novel. But when a friend offers you a book with the luscious title, Our Lady of the Lost and Found, by Diane Schoemperlen, and tells you she's read it multiple times - even has a second copy for loaning - there's a sign you've found your next novel.

Generally I don't blog about books I've just started. I wait a while until I have something more to contribute to the conversation. But Carolyn has marked a few sentences, halfway through the book, as beautifully written. I'm going to share them with you, even before I read the book. Not only because I agree with her that they're beautifully written, but because Schoemperlen has captured my idea of an ideal beginning to an ideal day. Perhaps you'll agree. From a chapter entitled "Time" I give you:

The air was clean and fresh, the birds were singing, and the hours spooled out before us. The whole day lay ahead, inviting us into its boundless realm of possibility. We were poised at the beginning of another stretch of time in which anything might happen, for which a to-do list was not necessary, and for which we did not need anything to be ready.

I want that day.