Friend's learning patience with ADD Chick

Hanging out with long-time friend a few nights ago, we were perhaps 10 minutes into the 47th topic of conversation. You might say we were in the groove...the rhythm was excellent and it was a good time for both of us. Then ADD Chick had to rear her ugly head...

Friend: "Then he said..."

ADD Chick: [Butts in with the only natural thing he could have possibly said, under the circumstances.]

Friend: "No." [Pauses.] "So he said..."

ADD Chick:  [Again, out with a stream of words to finish friend's sentence, again, convinced I'm totally right this time.]

Friend: [Long, sloooow, shake of the head to confirm the negative.] "Nooooo..."

ADD Chick: [Finally catching up to what's just happened.] You wanna' tell me?

Friend: [Laughs, like only a long-time friend ever could, under the circumstances.] "Hey - there's an idea!" [And tells me what he'd actually said.]

We howled. 

None of this "butting in" is intentional - it's never meant as rude as it comes across at the time, or as it reads, here, in black and white. You get that, right? And in my own defense, these occurrences are much, much less frequent than they used to be. Before less-patient types had smacked me in the head a few hundred times to remind me that it's generally customary that polite people not interrupt their friends while they're talking.

Thank God for the patient few who have their sense of humor still intact. Or who just luv me too much to give up.