What was different about yesterday

Yesterday was different from most days in several ways:

Yesterday I: 

  1. made myself french toast for breakfast.
  2. put whipped cream on my second cup of coffee.
  3. pulled a dryer sheet out of the leg of the pair of scrubs I wore around the house all morning - while I was wearing them. Finding it there made me laugh.
  4. stumbled upon a blog I've never seen before. While there, music started playing. Although I'm not typically a fan of sites that play music without my first choosing to hear it, this song drew me in in a way I can't explain. I think I repeated it (still haven't watched the video all the way through,) something like 8 times I Am Not Making This Up, one right after the other, before I even paid attention to any of the lyrics, which I eventually looked up and you can read too if you're so inclined. (Not if you only prefer happy, uplifting lyrics though, be warned.) Made my way to Sia's website which is quite, quite different. There's something about this woman's voice, though. When there's more time, I'll find out if it's just that song, or if I'm drawn to even more of her solo work.
  5. finally responded to an email I first got, oh, a month ago? Need to systematically go through my inbox and make sure I respond to the other ones I've forgotten, too.
  6. gave some serious thought to goal-setting and how it's time to revisit my goals Goals.
  7. gave more serious thought to how sad it is that pretty soon somebody (or a bunch of somebodies) are going to start teaching Mr. Pie that It's Not Considered Appropriate to kiss with your mouth Wide Open. So, so sad to think of how honest and natural and totally spontaneous babies and young children are, then we spend their lives teaching them that what feels natural isn't societally acceptable. He gets so excited to see us sometimes, and grabs the head of whomever's holding him and has delighted him and whose presence has so filled him with love and joy, and just opens his mouth wide for a BigOldKiss, sometimes trying to engulf his lovey's whole face. It just makes your heart swell.
  8. remembered that I am actually an artisan jewelry designer who specializes in clay pendants and that in spite of not having held clay in my hands for months and months, I actually have the choice of doing so whenever I want. And decided that this week, I will do just that. And I will make more pieces that make me smile as much as, say, this piece does.
  9. realized, too, how much I miss throwing pots. Not to sell, but just making clay pieces for the joy of making them. I realized how cool it might be to start working in clay again. On a wheel. As in really soon, as opposed to the "one day I'll do that again," kind of way. It's been a long time since I've thought the words "I am a potter." I want to think them again. I want to feel them again. I don't actually have any mugs that I, myself, made. How strange is that?

All-in-all it was a pretty good day. Here's to more good days to come...