What food group is a juice box in?

veryberryjuicebox.jpgDo you have juice boxes in your refrigerator? Do you drink them very often? Because I totally do not. However, I did just open my fridge to see what interesting thing I might find, located a juice box and consumed it in 3 minutes flat, and now I feel compelled to tell somebody about it.

The juice box I consumed was flavored "very berry" and was put out by a company called Apple & Eve. Clever, no? I thought so too.

So what, you may ask, is a woman who is decidedly NOT 7 Years Old even doing with a juice box in her fridge, much less drinking it, and even stranger than that, writing about it on her blog? Well, let's see: Mr. Pie's birthday party in February had a lot of Bigger Than He Is Kids at it. They're allowed, apparently, to drink juice boxes. He, on the other hand, is not. Mr. Pie's parents bought enough supplies for the party to feed a small developing nation, and there are now tons of the colorful little boxes taking up room in the bottom of their fridge. Still.

Leaving my visit with The Cherub & His Mom this weekend, I'd opened the fridge to grab something, and saw 'em sitting there. Don't ask me why I even noticed, after all this time. Then I thought about how sometimes it's nice to open your own fridge at home and not get bored immediately. I wanted something different, thought "juice is different - especially if it's in a box!" and said I'd take a couple off her hands. (Truth is, I was too lazy to stop by the supermarket on my way home that night, and was trying to think of clever ways to take the edge of boredom off when I later looked in my fridge, as I figured I was likely to do - I also took a couple of packs of popcorn - which I'm happy to say was delicious for dinner last night!) She happily agreed; now I've gone and consumed one of 'em and beyond that there's really nothing else to tell. Well, also  the fact that it felt strangely satisfactory to be poking an angled, sharp little straw into a tiny circle of foil before drinking the overwhelmingly sweet stuff. Right...out of a box. In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.