Twitches, knots & Saturday simplicity

Thanks for all the kind notes and well-wishes. My sore throat is gone. As is the fatigue, headache and other accompanying business from that coldfluthingie.

But I've had a twitch over my eye this morning since I woke up an hour ago. Whassup with that? It could be related to the knots in my shoulders (doubtful though...where's the logic in such a connection?) from putting 100+ labels Ever So Precisely on parchment envelopes yesterday and cutting Precision Straight Edges as I quartered many, many pieces of paper. Nothing a good, strong stream of hot water won't help with in a minute.

It's Saturday, I hear the weather won't be so nice which could be problematic in achieving the goal of entertaining one specific 14 month old, but I'm game to see what we can find to keep us thrilled with life, inside. Maybe we can still go for a walk if it doesn't rain...or between drizzles!

There's nothing eloquent here to read. I really just wanted to check in and say hi to regular readers and promise to try and do better sometime soon. For now, let's all see what we can do about having a good, calming, peaceful day with positive thoughts, laughter and appreciation for keepin' it simple - for once.