87 year old's answer to telemarketers

As it is, my Granddaddy doesn't much like the phone. He'll talk on it if we call him, sure, but he doesn't initiate calls just to chat. The only time he's ever called me - ever, I'm not exaggerating - was when he was flying from Colorado to South Carolina and ended up stranded in Texas overnight when his one flight didn't get there in time to make his second flight. He found my number in his wallet and called me (in North Carolina,) to make contact with a family member. (To this day, nobody knows how my number got in his wallet.) So, no, he's not going out of his way to use the phone. Only if he deems it necessary.

Last night during a call with my brother who lives in the same south Alabama town as Granddaddy, I learned that the senior Everett is fed up with telemarketers. His solution? He's not taking calls during the day. Any of them. Want to talk to him? Call before 8 in the morning, or after 8 in the evening. I think those are the times - I haven't tested the assertion yet, but I'm told he's quite firm on his decision. Brother told him, "Well if I need to talk to you I can just call and let it ring 3 times, hang up and call again and let it ring 3 more times..." Granddaddy's response? "Nope. You'll be wasting your time. Want to talk to me? Call at the right time!"

Believe him, too. 'Cause he's not even gonna' want to listen to an explanation of how the younger generation handles it. Screening? Wouldn't that mean the addition of one more gadget in his home? Not gonna' happen...