Then Mom sent me ALL her beads

During a phone conversation with my mom last week, she was telling me about her recent gardening and lawnscaping projects. I had to lie down before she was through, the story itself was so exhausting. But my Mom's into these projects and loves every minute of it.

The conversation turned to other hobbies and how many other activities she's been momentarily obsessed addicted intrigued with from time to time. Beading falls under that heading and she's acquired rather a lot of supplies during life of the hobby. Nowadays? Not so much. I think between the necklaces I've given her and those she's made herself, she decided she has enough beaded jewelry to last a while.

But now she has this stash.

Of beads!

That she's not using.

Hmmmm. I use beads! I even buy beads I don't use for my own designs, since I'm still teaching the occasional beading class at the senior center and also through a local community college's personal enrichment area. Which means I can never have enough beads. And lots of time the people in my class want beads I wouldn't use. Variety. It's the spice of beading class life.

It was her idea. My mom's. Out of the blue, she says "I should pack up my beads and send them to you." Although truly she might have said "give them to you." (Gonna' see her at the beach next week and she could have elected to save the $7 in shipping if she'd waited to bring them there.) I'm the one who got all excited about them being sent. Seeing as how I start another class in less than 2 weeks and it's past time for me to beef up my inventory.

They came this weekend. Mr. Pie and I went to the post office to get 'em and of course the package wouldn't fit inside my PO box so we went up to the counter at which Post Office Dude was alarmed that something sounded broken inside. Nope, just a bunch of beads. He gave Pie a coloring book for being so adorable (okay, probably for being under three feet tall,) and we left. Pie enjoyed the coloring book (tossing it to the floor and up in the air and turning all those big pages,) while I drove, but then we got the box open and he saw all those beads inside, he forgot about everything else. Including the fun new coloring book that's so aerodynamic in the car.

Lemmetellya - I loved getting all those beads. She sent glass beads and acrylic beads and metal beads and big beads and little beads and matching beads and assortments of beads and on and on it goes. (Although I know you're glad that's all I'm telling you about that.) And now I get to sort 'em. Good thing, too, 'cause otherwise I was gonna' run out of things to do today.

(My camera phone seems to have suddenly become unwilling to permit me to email photos to myself anymore...wait, I haven't rebooted it since I discovered this little annoyance. Hold up. Maybe I can share a photo! Okay. Nope. No pictures. I know you're brokenhearted.)