Okay, break's over - can't stay away from the blog

After a couple of weeks away from regular blogging activity, I'm done with the break. Can't stay away any longer. Which doesn't surprise me in the least; I'm just surprised I was able to stay away so long.

What were my blog-break-lessons? Well, among them:

  • Whether or not I'm blogging, I still fill up every single one of my 24 daily hours.
  • I'm addicted; no matter what happens, I find myself thinking, "That would make an excellent topic for a blog post."
  • I really do have a few regulars; I've learned through your emails and phone calls, that people actually miss my regular posts when I'm gone.
  • And stuff.

As per usual, I have a gajillion ideas for ways to update my website and make it more of a reflection of my current reality. "Current reality" loosely identified through the asking of such questions as:

  • Are you done with freelancing - again?
  • When's the last time you actually designed any jewelry?
  • Where can you buy this jewelry you speak of?
  • What's this blog really about, anyway?
  • Are you currently taking medication to help you with the managing of your Attention Deficit Disorder?

And, also as per usual, thoughts on these topics - and scads more - are swirling around me as I look at the to-do list for today, and I'm wondering when-oh-when could I fit it all in?

It's almost as if I didn't take a break at all...