Yup, it was a bad omen - I'm officially sick

When you're thinking back to the mushy throat as preferable to the burning, raw, scratchy throat, it's not likely to be your finest day. I'm not always the best sick person, but today I'm oddly pleased with the quiet, cozy surroundings. Pillows, blankies, closed blinds. I'm in a cave of nurturing quiet.

But I found some Throat Coat tea by Traditional Medicinals, and that's the happiest thing I could have asked for. This tea is so soothing, glorious...very fine. I just hope I have enough. And I've written about Zicam before. This time I'm skipping the chewable icky stuff and trying the cold and flu version. It's a syrupy goop that's packaged in a spoon so I can take it this way or stir it into a drink. I just suck it up and take it like old fashioned meds, and although it doesn't taste good, it has a soothing component, too. We'll see if it works.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the emails. No worries. I can handle being sick...if it doesn't last too long. Yes, I have everything I need. And no, I didn't decide to go to the office today. Since it's part-time and I don't have specific hours, it seemed more responsible to go in on other days this week and not risk carrying this out in public and giving it to my colleagues. They'll thank me later, I'm convinced.

Back to bed...