Mushy throat a bad omen?

When we were much younger, sis coined the phrase "mushy throat" to describe that first indication that we're getting sick. You know those times when your throat is kinda' sore, real yucky, starts to get a little drippy and tickly...and on and on I could go.

But I won't. I don't have the energy. 'Cause guess why? Yup, I've got me some mushy throat.

Why, too, you might wonder, would I blog about something so gross as mushy throat? I think it's because I'm intrigued by the weirdness and the speed with which I've gone from being "normal" to, well, possibly sick. Sure I've been more tired for the last couple of days than usual, but aside from that, totally felt normal. I didn't even have a headache which seems to come more than usual lately. Good thing!

But today while sitting in an afternoon meeting that was maybe a half hour from ending, I realized that not only was I having to suppress yawns, but that my throat was really tickly and I kept having to drink more and more water. 45 minutes later, driving home, I sneezed several times in a row. Then, swallowing, I felt the painful scratchiness, then realized... it... was... also... here. Mushy throat. In, like, less than an hour, I had gone from feeling ordinary to not at all ordinary. Um. Shouldn't it take a little longer to get sick than an hour???

Fortunately my evening plans had already dissolved this afternoon, and although the list of things I'd decided to get done tonight is  substantial, all I want to do is lie on the sofa and close my eyes. Maybe I'll keep the TV on, maybe the silence would be...well, glorious! Phone is in the other room and I don't think I'll bother going to get it. Maybe it'll ring? Hm. Maybe they'll leave a message! The people who already left me messages? Maybe they'll understand sometimes you can't call back as soon as you usually prefer. 'Cause talking? Yea, it hurts.

Just me and a remote control, my comfy jammies, a load of laundry running (I can't blow off all those responsibilities!) a box of tissues (the sneezing accelerated, rather than abating,) a huge glass of water, a pillow for cuddling, and the knowledge that there's ice cream in the freezer. Just in case.

Of course, I'd better go ahead and set the alarm clock for tomorrow morning, too. Again, just in case...