Do they make businesses like that?

One Stop ShopFriend said, "What I really need is somewhere that I can get my hair cut and an oil change at the same time!" That got me thinking about how the past few years have brought us a prevelance of businesses that combine two formerly-unrelated services for our shopping convenience.


  • the laundromat I went to sometimes in college that also had a bar in back. While your unmentionables were drying, you could shoot a round of pool with the dude washing everything he owns at a single time.
  • the truckstop-inspired pitstops you sometimes frequent which can provide you with gas, ramen noodles if you're so inclined, feminine products, woven blankets from Mexico, CD's, and a hot lunch from the Under The Same Roof chain restaurant across the room. And if it's a really big one, you might even be able to run down the hall and take a quick shower and get some of that road dirt off ya'.
  • the local chain of hair salons that once offered art gallery space - truly I haven't been in years so I don't know if they're still in the art business or not.
  • does your gym have a daycare center? Some people couldn't go without that service, these days!
  • the internet cafe; I have friends who won't go for a cup of coffee if they don't get free internet connections while downing their cup o' joe.

But wouldn't it also be cool if you had other options, too?

  • Friend came up with this one too: Tax & Wax. Yea, that'd be handy.
  • I personally would love it if I could get a carwash while somebody makes my feet seasonably sandal-ready. (Not that I won't be doing my own pedicures for a while...I'm just sayin'.
  • Need to take a language course at the local community college to prepare for your upcoming trip to Ecuador? Well maybe it'd be possible for the massage therapy students to bring their chairs over and set you up for a session while those Spanish verb forms are solidifying in your brain.
  • Maybe dog walking services while you wait for your chiropractic adjustment?

For me, of course, it'd be best if I could replace my printer cartridge, pick up some bone beads for the necklace I need to make, have some photos of a certain baby printed, see a time-management consultant, and maybe pop in for a little therapy session at the same time. Oh. And I'd like to have nice music of my choosing playing in the background. In fact, a live band wouldn't be objectionable!

What combo could make your time-management efforts fly like the wind?