Is this just wrong of me?


It doesn't matter which facial expression he shows us, he has millions and they're all just so good. I showed you one of those calm, peaceful ones a couple of days ago - the one that looks like his Grandpa. But this morning while looking for a file to attach to a client email, I ended up back in that folder of Baby Nephew Photos That Melt My Heart, Batch Number 739 or thereabouts. And I saw this one again.

Here's what I know:

  • It's Friday.
  • And raining.
  • I went to bed before I'd finished half the things on my list.
  • And apparently didn't sleep that well...
  • Evidenced by this morning's continual yawning and I also have knots in my shoulders and soreness from some recent weird leg cramps (am told I should add more potassium and calcium to my diet, so I'm trying.)
  • So I'm washing dishes that sat in the sink too long
  • and emailing clients long past the time I'd expected to
  • and about to look for a vacuum cleaner
  • and feeling happy jeans in the office are an option on Fridays,
  • where I'm going for the afternoon.

But it's all rendered unimportant as I look at this image.

Seeing this photo makes me laugh and smile and want a little baby hug. So I'm sharing it with you.

And one day, when he's explaining to me why it would have really and truly been a much better idea that I didn't name him Mr. Pie and tell the whole world that was his name, he can add "and I wish you hadn't showed everybody that photo, either. 'Cause really, Auntie, that's just wrong!" But for now, he only has about 8 words and I love this picture and I want my readers to see it too. So I'll take the risk.

Enjoy! And have a great Friday.