Not a fantasy - this CAN be done, can't it?

It seemed like a good idea to get a part-time, regular job and keep freelancing alongside those new hours. And it was. It's just the transitions that have my eyes a little wider - and a little glazed over - a twinge of that shocked look on my face. Mostly this happens when I come home in the evenings. When I recall the things I happily put out of my mind while I perform all the interesting and diverse tasks I'm now spending 20 hours a week performing...

This week has been interesting in that my other work activities have been more varied than others. And because I'm still trying to convince myself I'll catch up...only every day of that convincing, it feels frustrating when suddenly night falls and it's bedtime. As if people who juggle complex schedules aren't supposed to sleep?

Here's what I'm behind on:

  • some article writing for a client who's publishing a website on which he needed help with content,
  • a fairly substantial website project I've loved and I'm [---] this close to finishing, but little things keep getting in the way of wrapping it up. Like sleep. No, not just that, though...
  • two necklaces I need to design "from scratch," with only a color scheme and length to guide me,
  • untold paperwork,
  • my own websites,
  • responding to a new shop that's considering carrying my jewelry,
  • calling one of the other locations that carries my work, to schedule bringing in some more,
  • and although it doesn't belong in a work-related list, I'll put it here anyway, 'cause when you work for someone else, there's an expectation of on-time arrival at the office, and I gotta' git: laundry, floor cleaning, more unpacking that sorta' got pushed to the way back of my mind, some errand running that's laughable it's been put off so long,
  • connecting with my friends and family. Calls have gone unreturned, and dinner dates have continued to be pushed back further and further. These connections matter to me, and I know my life is more complete when I balance my schedule to include them.
  • not to mention exercise, which I decided it was time to start up again, a few nights ago, and have only followed-through on twice.

And you know what? I love my life. I don't know many people as fortunate as I am, in spite of my griping and rambling about the challenges. The best way, I've found, to get caught up on anything is to consider not continuing to say "yes" to the next batch of offers that come my way (unless they're really, really interesting offers,) and remember to enjoy all the tasks along the way as I check off items from my list.

Here's to all our happy productivity through the rest of this week...