Totally his Grandpa's face

105053-786706-thumbnail.jpgThis is the baby of a thousand faces. Or a thousand facial expressions. That's nowhere more clear than on my desktop this morning while I'm "quickly" peeking through some of the shots I took this weekend, and the last time I was with Mr. Pie (new photo). I had a couple more I wanted to show you but a) time does not permit, and b) this one really just needs to stand alone.

For those who fear I've forgotten The Little Cherub, Sultan of Cool, and are worried about the cute baby fixes I've failed to provide, here you are.

This child looks so much like... Himself, I guess. And that includes a whole host of relatives on any given day, during any given minute. His parents, his uncle, deceased maternal great grandmother, either of his grandfathers. This shot though? Totally my dad. Strangers would be able to see the likeness...

Happy Tuesday, Grandpa!