Is your new part-time job this cool?

Today will be the third day at my new part-time job. This one's a half-day. Working somewhere regularly for 20 hours a week seemed the best compromise for a free-spirited person who has as many professional irons in the fire as I do, and still grant myself some semblance of predictability. After just under two years, I was really missing that steady paycheck. I still like the smaller ones that come in at unpredictable times, but there's something to be said for a guarantee, too.

You knew that already, of course.

Here are just a few of the things I was paid to do this week:

  • Meet with members of an advisory club to discuss a currently-in-development brochure - needed yesterday, of course. Or last week. My suggestions seemed not only welcome, but they actually added some important missing elements to the progress.
  • Wash some mugs.
  • Cover some boxes needed for an event's raffle tickets and other paper forms being submitted.
  • Help put up tents for an outdoor event.
  • Make speedy runs to supermarket - twice - to replenish hundreds of sodas and bottled waters.
  • Serve pizza.
  • Explain 473 times that, yes, we're out of pizza again, but there's more on the way.
  • Sing the praises of the organization in an informative manner to those looking for answers.
  • Participate in impromptu meetings with two individuals just realizing that my presence will affect their own activities as they plan future events on which we'll be working together.
  • Called two people to gently remind them that we really needed the promised copy for their contributions for a promotional campaign. Success... received upon request, within hours.
  • Meet with graphic designer to clarify needs for aforementioned brochure.
  • Write a lot of draft copy. (Gonna' write some more today.)
  • Attend after-hours meeting with advisory-type board members of other related group I'm assisting.

Somehow I kept thinking "They pay me to do this?!" And felt gratitude and pleasure that such a position needed filling...for however long. Maybe it's my inherent flexibility, or the fact that it is only part-time and that helps keep ego out of it. Maybe it's the fact that I really am a bit well-rounded and enjoy (even thrive on) performing a wide range of tasks - including those others might see as mundane and beneath them. Maybe it's because I love people and I had the opportunity to interact with scores of 'em. Plus there's writing. And planning. I suspect it's all that and more. But so far so good. I couldn't be happier about my choice.

Now to meet this week's freelance deadlines. Got a lot of those looming, and I'd forgotten how a full 8-hour day in office can drain you. Never mind that - it's great to have more waiting when I return home. Good thing I'm adaptable!