Denial of Service attack, spotty email, Attention Deficit Reigns Supreme, waste collection delays, and ENDLESS Change

If I don't do something quick, it's gonna' be One Of Those Weeks. Since it's Only 10:40 on Monday Morning, I'm keeping my chin up and choosing to draw from My Inner Optimist to make this day Truly Spectacular. The Doubting Voices In My Head are not convinced.

Let's say, just for grins and giggles, that you've fairly well messed up your personal life and this stage of your professional path has become questionable, at best, and your Favorite Hosting Provider, Squarespace, has been hit by a Denial of Service attack over the weekend, thereby causing all of your websites to be sporadically inaccessible, then for over an hour Outlook Express systematically tells you it CanNOT connect to your POP server so good luck getting in touch with your clients, never mind your friends and family this morning unless you pick up the phone...but you still prefer to think of yourself as a Somewhat Well-Adjusted, Even Happy Person at heart. (Although the "well-adjusted" part's really only being thrown in there out of habit.)

Some people just call this "Monday" and so I guess I'm that far ahead of the rest. Wouldn't you say?

So instead of locking myself in someone's garage with a running car that has excessive exhaust, I've elected to try something else. A lot of little something elses. Seeing as how sometimes they add up:

  • First, I made more coffee than usual this morning.
  • Then I turned on music that makes me happy,
  • took all the GOOD phone calls that have come my way,
  • found my notebook which will get some serious journaling later this morning - always a good idea for people like me, seeing as how it helps me gather and center my thoughts which are running more than a little amok these days,
  • started a running Litany of Gratitude in my head, that addresses all the beautiful things I have to be thankful for - and it's a long list, let me tell you,
  • took an Adderall, which hasn't been a consistent habit for some time, hoping the focus will settle around me with surprising success,
  • and smiled more than once at having the good fortune of a late waste management pickup truck run through my neighborhood this morning, since I didn't get the overflowing can out to the street until 6:50 this morning seeing as how that wind and rain were significant deterrents last night.
  • I'm also considering some form of exercise because... well, there's no need for me to ramble on about why I should be exercising every day of my life and how "considering exercise" won't really cut it so I need to really give that more thought. For real. Seriously.
  • Reminded myself that it's natural to be a little freaked out with all the changes I've piled on myself in such a short period of time. And that I'm stronger than I feel. (Really, "everybody says so," you can ask 'em...)
  • Looked at photos of One Very Special Baby to really raise my vibrations,
  • and etc.

Now to make that long-overdue to-do list. Because I have many, many things to accomplish today. And tomorrow? I'm starting a new part-time job. Which will guarantee some regular income and free up some of my energy to rearrange my jewelry designing schedule and get me back on track toward accomplishing my goals. Even if those goals probably need to be redefined...again.

Here's to Your Own Successful Monday Plans!