Because you're looking for smiles anywhere

hamsterdance.gifIt was a long, long time ago - early years of the internet, even - but this is the one site that used to make me howl with laughter anytime I heard it. Sis was my roommie and she loved it equally. So much so that if one of us had had a crappy day or was just generally in a bad mood, the other would go to the computer and click on the link just to get it started. And let it loop over and over and over until we were hysterical with stupid laughter.

Thought of it last night, and decided to see if I couldn't find the original site. Sure, there's a current "new and improved" site with all these little hamster dudes dancing and singing, but I still love the original Hampster Dance, from the archives. To my mind the original is infinitely superior... maybe for its simplicity, and definitely for the sounds. If you need a smile or a laugh, I dare it and see. Maybe it'll lift your mood a smidge, too.