"He's just not ready to face his day..."

Apparently when Mr. Pie was dropped off with his sitter today, he was less than thrilled. As is often the case, unless he's being dropped off with me, of course. Not my point, of course, either, and blatant gloating about mutual love with nephews is a perhaps bad form, so I'll just continue as I was. Anyway, his sitter said to Mr Pie's Mom, "It looks like he's just not ready to face his day."

It struck me a little funny to think of a baby in context of these words. Then again, if the past 13+ months have taught me nothing else, it's that a tiny person has just as many opinions about the way his world is shaping up on any given day, as grownups do. And sometimes it's EXACTLY like that.

My own day started in a similar vein. At 4:54am when I woke up for no apparent reason, I felt as if it must be only midnight or a bit after. You know those nights when hours of sleep seem to have been completely ineffectual? It's not that I have those often, but when I do, they're what my mom might have once called "doozies."

For the next two hours, every 20 minutes or so, I sat up and looked at the clock. I willed the numbers to have only crept forward by two or three. It must have been 6:50 the last time I acknowledged my final hours of sleep weren't going to be any more satisfactory than the first 6 ones had been. At 7:23 I awoke with a start, immediately aware that the technician scheduled to arrive sometime between 7:30 and 9:30 this morning to hook up my internet connection at my new home (yes, I've been moving this week - another new beginning on which to embark...) could very well be just around the corner. He wasn't, of course, and so I had another hour and a half to try and put out of my mind how I kind of wanted a "do-over." Which we all know you just don't get when it comes to facing your day.

During the first waking moments when I knew it was nearly time to get up, I became aware of a sound I should have expected but had not. Rain. Hm. Raise your hand if you tiredly left a rack of drying laundry on your deck before sleeping last night. Oh, excuse me...that'd be me.

So later, still waiting for my now-happily-humming-along internet connection, chatting with sis on the phone, I realized she just didn't sound her usually chipper self. "Are you okay?" I asked, then recalling she'd said she hadn't gotten as much sleep last night as she'd hoped for. "Oh, I don't know," she said, "I guess I'm just not ready to face my day..." 

Maybe it's just going around. Turns out, though, we can get a do-over. It's called tomorrow. Here's to turning our days into something really remarkable: even if they started without our preferrable oomph...