Mind-changing: Everybody's Perogative

Even when you've put hours and hours of work into a plan, and you've written pages and pages about that plan, and you've thought and sketched and dreamed and become what you thought was 100% certain about that plan... You can still change your mind.

I wrote a lot about my website's revision. Then I made pages and pages of revision. Incomplete revisions, since The Master Plan had a finale that was to be a really, really cool home page that took the place of the blog.

Bored site visitors are welcome to visit this page to read back over all those assertions. If you like.

But reading won't get you any closer to seeing the new home page. Because I've changed my mind. Instead, I've decided to add graphics to the top of this page that quickly and efficiently - with visual cues - point you to the areas of your interest: website development, artisan jewelry design, or information about my blog. Really that's quite enough. 

Don't ask why I changed my mind. I'm 98% confident nobody who comes to this site has the patience to sit through a litany of my diverse and rambly reasons I suddenly realized I didn't want to make that change after all. I just did.

So now I'm going back to making jewelry and teaching my classes and designing websites for other people (and business cards, these days,) and varied writing projects and blogging, and leave the website updates alone for now. And that's my final decision.

Today, anyway!