What do you do for YOUR inspiration?

105053-704428-thumbnail.jpgMaybe it'll seem this is just intended for my readers who are "creative types" but really it isn't. I think we all have times when we're called upon to be creative - whether or not our general livelihood depends upon it, or we just have That One Project at work, or we're helping the very small person in our life with a science project...or whatever. And even creative people, believe it or not, have times of faltering inspiration.

At least this creative person does.

So here's a list of "tricks" I'm about to employ this morning to see if I can't crank up my inspiration a few levels. I'm making up the list as I write, so we'll see what actually happens; this could end up being a two-part entry, if things don't evolve as I'm expecting/hoping!

The Specific Goal is to Create Some New Necklaces Suitable for Furniture Market

To that end, I think I'll try this:

  • Open a box of beads. Sometimes just looking at them makes me feel giddy. 
  • Take an Adderall. (ADD Girl didn't get past #1 before she had to start pouring random beads into a bowl and shooting a photo for this blog.)
  • Turn on some energetic music.
  • Get out some of my already-completed necklaces; sometimes looking at "older" work inspires something fresh.
  • If necessary, peek around the web at other creative work being done these days - sometimes a gargantuan sculpture can trigger a thought that leads to jewelry!

And that's a good start. I'll let you know how it turns out... Here's to ALL our creativity!