No vegetable garden; still thinking of homegrown

photo of garden fresh veggies This weather in NC has been amazing lately. Balmy, then sometimes a smidge too warm, even. But something has shifted in my mind. The warmth of spring and approaching summer makes me start thinking about food. The healthy kind, that is. Garden fresh goodness.

Of course, I don't actually have a garden. A few years ago I tried my hand at it and grew some lovely tomatoes, and usually I'm pretty successful with the herbs, too. Sis and hubby had a gargantuan veggie garden for the past few years. (I'm told with their newest project - growing a whole person, not in the ground - they're not planning to till huge plots of land and plant rows and rows of veggies this year...who can blame 'em?) The photo here reflects some of their crop. Aren't those carrots a hoot?

There's no space here for a garden, anyway, but maybe tomatoes and herbs will be doable. You can grow things on a patio, no? I sure hope so. If not, there's always the farmer's market. And generous friends with too much. (Isn't that the best? Walking into an office or social function and having someone gesture to a table laden with farm-fresh tomatoes and saying, "We have way too much. Help yourself!"

Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations for container gardening for yummy things to eat? Anybody else have any lofty plans to grow their food this year?