I'm only Half a Geek: Bookmarks and lessons learned


Okay, once was somewhat tolerable, but twice??? Back on September 14 All My Bookmarks Disappeared. (I know because see that handy Google Search box over there? I searched "lost bookmarks" and found the exact date I blogged about it the first time.) And I wrote about it like "ain't no big deal." But it was. A... very... big... deal. Which, over time, became more and more disconcerting when I realized all those sites I'd once had at my fingertips for, well, just whenever I might need 'em again, were gone forever. GONE! Sites with... you know, handy stuff. Sites I'd worked hard to research and locate. Sites such as:

  • thetimenow.com when you need to know the duration between two dates, a past or future time, international dialing codes, the sunset and sunrise for, oh, I don't know...Tasmania, for example...
  • Colorschemer.com for when you're bored with all the color combinations you can possibly think of and have to, right this second, think of some other, fresh ways, to combine colors online...
  • who sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow in 50 First Dates? in case you ever actually bother to plan ahead for a special occasion and acquire a copy of it for your boyfriend who asserted, waaaaay back in the early days, how much he loved that version... (and you know, sometimes you DO plan ahead...occasionally...)
  • Boundless Yoga, for when you feel like you maybe want to be challenged to do something healthy for your body but maybe you're not quite ready to do the yoga yourself yet, but reading about someone else's experience triggers a smidge of inspiration...
  • An interview to remind you that somebody else besides you has been honored with the title of "the poster child for underemployed creative types"
  • Tips from Yesteryear, because - um, well who really knows why that's in your bookmarks list, actually? But it's kinda' cool...

See, these are the kinds of things you need to have bookmarked in a handy list 'cause you just don't need 'em every day, but eventually you will need 'em and then what???

This morning I discovered that the paltry collection of bookmarks I'd been developing, once more, since Mid-September was once again gone. Firefox...my beloved Firefox, had upgraded itself again, and eaten my bookmarks along the way. Oh Come On Now!!!

Well a little earlier this evening it occurred to me that maybe if I sit down and actually peruse the web I might at least find out why it happened. Maybe somebody else wrote about it too, and I'd at least have the comfort of knowing that a stranger was suffering in the way I was.

Oh babies. What I found was so much better. Did you know that not only did it happen to somebody else, apparently, but there's a fix for it? I mean, sort of a fix. Turns out that instead of actually eating my bookmarks like I'd mentally been blaming My Favorite Browser for doing, Firefox - in reality - keeps backups of 'em and you can retrieve them at will.

If I were a real geek, of course, I would have known all that. But alas, I'm only Half-A-Geek and so little tidbits that would be so obvious to a True Respector And Appreciator Of Technology are completely lost on me. Until I go whining in search of community and handholding and other warm fuzzy things that make me feel better when I'm miffed to be thwarted by a technological phenomenon I so completely do not understand. Then sometimes I can find something of actual use.

Last time I assured myself it wouldn't happen again...I'd back up my bookmarks.

Do you think I backed up my bookmarks? Um, that'd be no. Totally and completely forgot. Which is what My People (of the Attention and Focus Challenged) generally do.

But today, after following the directions, slowly, painstakingly and step-by-step, in this web page I found, I was able to not only retrieve the bookmarks lost from yesterday but also all the ones that were archived back then in September!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you oh thank you Ramona. My new best friend.

But guess what? Now I've backed up my bookmarks! In more than one place, even. And I'm gonna' do it again, too, sometime. Just in case. 'Cause apparently you really do never know. Really.

Maybe you should back yours up too.

Just a friendly suggestion...