& the ADD customer

lovemyfonts.gifIt'd be great if I could tell you I'll never do it again. But I can't, and that's almost decidedly final. Pretty sure about that.

"Do it" refers to the faux pas I made a couple of days ago when I actually spent money to buy a font online. From a site I now love, far more than when I first purchased the font.  The wrong font, that is. With my client's money. Yup. From

I'm telling you this in spite of the fact that I'm quite aware that in doing so I could unintentionally cause a potential client to choose not to have me build their website for them. Then again, isn't this kind of disclosure refreshing? Comforting, even? I mean, think about it. You're about to hire someone to develop a website for you at long last after many years of consideration. But you're intimidated by the web and what if the person you hire ends up thinking you don't know anything, since you're intimidated by computers? Hm. Here's the girl for you! She even admits, publicly, that she might go so far as to screw up a simple online purchase. Oh well, I really can't be concerned with "what if's" today. Let me just tell you what happened.

I needed to buy a font. It's called "Joe Hand 2." Cool font, eh? Well, for whatever reason, whilst perusing the, I ended up at a font called "Dear Joe 2." It was a simple enough mistake because the original font my customer had considered - and nearly settled on - was called "Dear Joe 4." See the progression? And how it could possibly even have happened to you, dear reader? Maybe...?

Well, so I bought the wrong font (but didn't know it) and all went well until a day or so after I sent over all these samples. Sample graphics that mocked up the ideas we'd discussed in an early step toward building her an actual website. She liked 'em. But something wasn't quite right. Couldn't quite put her finger on it, and I'm sorry to realize she actually had to put lots of energy into figuring out what was wrong. It was the font, as you've already learned.

Now, for the plug for this New And Exciting Company. ( me. I'm aware that it's not a new company.) has what is currently my new favorite customer service department. Long-time readers know that I'm a glutton for good customer service. As was evidenced in this rant sparked by a time when I was provided with The Anti-Customer Service.

Not only did the glorious folks at NOT respond to my request for help like I was a bloomin' idiot, they also offered a very reasonable fix. All I had to do was fax over a form attesting that I had deleted and not used the font I didn't need, and would delete any evidence of said font if it should happen to pop up on my computer in the future. Then they would credit my account the amount I'd paid, and I could buy the right one. They followed this up with further responses to another request for information, using the same prompt, courteous, highly appreciated style.

If you need to buy a font, I highly recommend these folks. Not only do they have cool fonts, you'll be assured to have good customer service. Apparently, even, if you're sort of a flake and buy the wrong one.