Parental evolution: from phone call

Still playing phone tag with my brother, again, but one of the calls from sis got through yesterday. Good quote for my blog, and she - then amused - didn't seem to mind.

A little setup. Mr. Pie, while preferring the news to cartoons - since he noticed there was even a TV in the room, isn't exposed to anything violent on television, or in a family home movie. Initially, they bought organic vegetables to make his baby food. (Which rapidly disintigrated into buying the better stuff in jars, once he poopoohed her offerings after hours of labor, only to jump at the chance for something store-bought.) He's read to, played with, danced with, sang to, never ignored. This child's hands-on parenting offerings have been second to none. The only reason he's ever even tasted a chicken nugget is because the doctor wants him to gain a bit more weight and those things have fat and was a move forged in semi-desperation. To continue...

Sis: Would you like to hear about my latest parental milestone?

Me: Of course!

Sis: I just broke off a piece of fast food hamburger and reached back to offer it to my baby... while driving in my minivan.

Me: Wow...  Before long you'll be buying him toy guns.

Sis: It's true. Really only a matter of time...