Jewelry design process & enhanced chaos


Sitting down to make a single necklace brings out unexpected messes. I don't know why I should be surprised by this, but in my mind the simplicity of "one" wants to equal "tidy" and "contained" and "simple." Not so. Even that lonely necklace has to pass through the gate of my mental selection which means hundreds of beads will be handled and debated. Finally when I know which beads want to accompany the selected pendant, the easy part begins - actually creating the piece.

Now when it's time to create multiples, as in the pieces I'm about to design for inclusion in next week's delivery: oh the horrors. It's as if my brain goes into the overdrive of "I have all these beads and I'm here to make all this jewelry...what will I do here, and here? But I like that bead...shouldn't it get chosen, too? And what about this one? But wait. I can't use this one here. Maybe next time." And I don't want to forget how much I've re-fallen in love with a particular bead, so I'll pile it to the side for easy access once the current piece is completed, so I can just begin the next round. Only next round I have a totally different idea and that previously-adored packet of beads is tossed aside and forgotten. Sometimes.

The whole sequence of events in my Jewelry Design Carnival can be glorious. It's also maddening. I want a tidy workspace. With order and flow.  

Or do I?

Maybe I need to stop fighting the process that's worked so long for me and enjoy the mess and mayhem. Maybe it's the only way I'm going to continue to be thrilled by the outcome of my work play days. Maybe I don't have to decide today, forever...just for today.

All righty then. Let the madness continue...