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105053-716749-thumbnail.jpgIf this kid continues to get this much cooler every time I see him, how will we manage by the time he's, oh, say five? I did not know my heart could expand so frequently...or so much. (Mom and others will say that's a grand reason to have my own; I'd emphatically respond that he's quite enough, thank you.) Sis has traveled out of state for the first time in Mr. Pie's life and I'm helping out. Lucky me. Thought I'd take this unabashed opportunity to gloat once more about how cool it is to be an auntie to His Highness, The Sultan of Cool. Well, not exactly gloat, since we're all about sharin' the love, but if it seems that way, so be it.

But life is interesting in other ways, too. For example, in addition to spending hours and hours with the cherub in question, I'm also:

  • working with a new client on the other side of the continent. My newest Seattle client delights me with the ways in which she's so in synch with the way my own though processes work. Our communication style, just a few days in, just flows. And her business is interesting, too, so I'm going to quite enjoy having the new site in my portfolio. More on that later...
  • trying to make sure my first opportunity to sell jewelry in at Gifts Like Nothing Else during Furniture Market doesn't sneak up on me. I'm delivering inventory next week. Of course I still want to make more pieces. 'Cause you can always, always improve on the other stuff. You knew that, though, right?
  • continuing to enjoy this whole new couplehood thing. J. took me to hear Acoustic Syndicate on Friday night at The Visulite Theatre, then to see my family and to meet Granddaddy on Saturday. Great, huge, fat points for not running scared when all the crazier family stories came out. (And I'll take full responsibility for getting that started, but you must understand: nobody can tell a story like my Granddaddy. Those are opportunities not to be passed up.) What a fun trip that was.
  • gearing up for another seniors class tomorrow. Sadly it's looking as if the funding is going to run out. It did, actually, and now has been reworked a bit. But pretty soon I'm told that could be a happy memory. All the more reason to bask in tomorrow's session...
  • okay, this one isn't interesting. It's annoying to the 'nth degree. (How DO you spell that, anyway?) My debit card was "appropriated for someone else's use and enjoyment" and what a bee-otch that has been to get straightened out. Finally my replacement (replacements, actually - the whole thing made me decide to have a backup separate setup, so as never to have to go through the annoyance this sequence of events has spawned,) arrived but now it seems I can't input the numbers into a simple online billing system. More fun and games on the phone with banking professionals after class tomorrow. Woo hoo!105053-716751-thumbnail.jpg
  • (aside: I'm gonna' put another adorable photo of Mr. Pie down here. Just because. It has nothing to do with the list. But everything to do with this week's happiness. Soon perhaps I'll have some stories. For now, enjoy the photos with me?)
  • I wonder what my regular readers have going on?