Selling at furniture market!

Anyone who lives in this area is familiar with the High Point International Home Furnishings Market. Although 'round here it's either referred to as "furniture market," or even just "market." Locals know immediately what that means, and when I moved to the area I quickly learned, too. As an artist, it's always seemed like a good idea to one day have my work available at this market.

Then I became a jewelry designer.

It's a home furnishings market. Humph. Minor technicality, don't you think?

Well, someone else thought so, too. When the Roy's Folks interview ran on television about a month ago, Brenda Carr, one of the owners of a High Point gift shop that happens to only be open during market, saw my piece. She thought my work would be perfect for them. She runs Gifts Like Nothing Else with partner Beverly Koontz, and they're gearing up to open before the start of this spring's market.

March 26th through April 1st is the officially published date of the next market, but Gifts Like Nothing Else will be open in time to cater to the shopping needs of those who've come to town especially for this market. Which means they'll be opening March 21st and closing on April 2nd. Since they're a gift shop, it's not necessary that their offerings only be for the home. In fact, they like to carry all kinds of gifts that traveling market shoppers will enjoy buying to take back home with them. Which includes jewelry!

Here's the cool part. (Okay, the whole thing's cool. Read on, anyway...) Not only will they be carrying my one-of-a-kind pendant necklaces, but I've also been invited to come set up a table and work on-site. We haven't nailed down the dates and times for these artisan dates, but I'll be blogging more about that later on. What I can tell you, though, is that for several hours on more than one day, I'll have a table set up in their East Kivett showroom where shoppers can watch me work. These visitors will even be able to choose the pendants and beads they like and have me make them something unique while they watch.  

Now I'd best stop talking about what's gonna' be there, and get back to work so I'll have plenty of fresh new pieces available by the time I make my drop off.  Here's to an endless stream of creative days!

Meanwhile, take a look at the new list of locations where you can find my jewelry.