Dark & windey mountain road...anything for the art

Last night, just past Blowing Rock, NC, the smooth highway that led to our hotel nearby sort of ran out for a minute and we found ourselves in a bit of a movie scene. Picture it: the roads are really windey and the dark is barely cut by the headlights...suddenly the road wasn't highway at all, but broken asphalt banked by rocks, boulders, mounds of dirt. "Um, are we on the right road?" Yup, we were on the right road, but nervous laughter didn't end there, as we drove on and occasionally found ourselves on what truly could have been a road into the woods. Granted, we'd been notified miles and miles back that roadwork was up ahead...

Never mind that. I was still feeling the pleasure of having met yesterday with the owners of a giftshop housed in a High Point, NC Furniture Market showroom. They want my jewelry. And I'm thrilled to accommodate them. But that wasn't enough. Today I'm meeting with the owner of a Blowing Rock pottery shop to see if my work is appropriate for her customers. Dark, scary, windey road construction? Psha! I have business to attend to.

And now the sun is shining and the sky is blue and it's a good day, indeed. All those necklaces I was sure I'd make? Well, I made lots - and the HP ladies loved 'em too. Never mind 30 was far too many for my schedule; I had enough, though. But back home, I have work to do. Lots of it.

So I'll wish you a happy Friday and get out of here. I hear the actual place we're meeting is near a ravine. More mountain adventures await! Wish me well...!