Lagging inventory: inspiration for creative momentum

105053-667028-thumbnail.jpgBy my calculations, I need to make about 30 necklaces this week. By my further calculations, I'm so not on track to hit that mark. I think I've made 7 this week. Hm. That's being generous and counting the one I haven't yet finished.

Pardon the photo - this is as good as it gets with the camera phone - but I wanted to add a little visual oomph to this post and so I shot the first two yesterday. (Having not replaced the infamous "coffee camera" yet, it's either camera phones or borrowed ones, and borrowing doesn't always fit into the schedule for these spur-of-the-moment photo shoots.)

So I'd already known it was past time for me to build up my inventory. Having completed the end-of-year festival season, and started selling in Rag Poets, plus the recent delivery to Two Art Chicks, by the time my interview on Roy's Folks was shot, I was afraid I wouldn't have anything left that I liked, for them to see. Fortunately I wasn't in as bad a shape as I'd thought, and we pulled it off.

But what about the exciting interest that interview generated? Very exciting stuff, that! So before my meeting in High Point tomorrow, and the one in Blowing Rock on Friday, I've given myself the challenge of...what was it? Thirty necklaces! Which might be realistic if I 105053-667026-thumbnail.jpgdidn't have a web client's maintenance deadline, my first seniors class of the year this morning, a meeting tonight, and this nagging suspicion that my ADD meds aren't quite doing their job these days as I bounce from thing to thing with little adherence to my written list. (Knowing perfectly well that sometimes this has everything to do with remembering to actually take the little pill.) So I'll tell myself the same thing I'd tell you if you were rambling on about deadlines that skeert you: One thing at a time. This goal is arbitrary and even if you don't hit it, you have lovely pieces to take...they'll never know what's in your head, but will be pleased with what you put in front of them. Plus, you can always deliver more if they seem interested in something specific that doesn't appear at the first meeting!

Now how about some quick bead sorting before heading downtown to see my seniors? I find I've quite missed them since December and am thrilled to get to see them again today!

Hope your own busy day is as satisfying as I'm anticipating my own will be!