Not traveling right now? Then live vicariously!

One of the topics I enjoy blogging about is travel. When I'm traveling, that is. Having "stayed put" for a while, I turned to another favorite past-time: living vicariously through others who have been somewhere interesting. It's such a treat to find a blog entry in which an entire trip is laid out for the reader...just enough to get the sense of the location, not so much you grow bored with the play-by-play.

Southern writer, Pamela King Cable, is an intriguing and delightful friendly acquaintance. Checking in on her blog, I learned that not only have the first six months since the publication of her book Southern Fried Woman been successful, but that she's recently returned from a highly satisfying trip to Charleston. (To be completely candid, I was reading her post and drafting this piece the other day when I got the call that started the whirlwind of activity leading to my appearance on Roy's Folks. Today finally seems the perfect time to share it here.) It's been years since I visited that city. Her descriptions made me want to go again:

Charleston is an amazing glimpse into the past, a city where ancient mossy oaks line the Ashley River and weep into the water. The largest salt marsh in the world surrounds the area. Ghosts still walk the streets and over the plantations there. Rich in history, the past seeps into the present Charleston.

If your itch to travel can't be scratched right now, either, and you're keen to live vicariously while seeing a few lovely photos, enjoy Pam's post with me. Click here to read the whole entry!